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Sports Barista

Imagine if there was a coffee that doubled up as a supplement…… oh, wait……

Sports Barista coffee is purposely designed to give you a delicious tasting morning coffee with a sustained caffeine kick that lasts for up to 6 hours!

Sports Barista coffee is cherry picked to give you an awesome tasting morning coffee with caffeine kicks that last for up to 6 hours Unlike most other energy drinks, our coffee has no hidden nasties or sugars, it is 100% natural



Proviz is an International Multi-Award Winning Sports Brand, distributed in 40 countries, sold online globally and acknowledged as one of the most innovative sports brands in the world. The premium British lifestyle brand is renowned for style, innovation and quality and has the largest range of specialist enhanced visibility & reflective sports products on the market, specifically designed to empower customers and therefore making a positive difference in their lives. 
It all started in London in 2008, where two brothers were commuting to their corporate jobs. It was during their daily commutes by bike that they realised the limitations of the products they and fellow commuters were using. They identified a gap in the market to provide highly innovative, light-emitting and reflective cycling products. 

It took a lot of time and research to identify and engage the correct manufacturers but the founders had a desire to push innovation and product development in a niche area where they believed it was missing. The brothers set about building a brand that would address this need, synonymous with innovation, performance and being highly effective. There was an opportunity to disrupt a market which was uninspired and most importantly, the desire was to create products that customers loved and that made a difference in their lives. Following positive feedback from independent testers and retailers the products were soon put in to manufacturing and the first distribution deal was agreed.



Eliminate the pain of Nipple Chafing.
Once and for all

This simple and easy to use shield needs no adhesive and adheres gently to the body contours.

Neplex® is made from a soft silicone and may be trimmed to fit exactly to your body.

Neplex® is hygienic and fully washable (inc dishwashers), use over and over again repeated use day in day out

The best product for preventing nipple abrasion when running.

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