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4 Week Plan

The Basic 4 week Plan is a bespoke training plan with myself, a fully qualified England Athletics Coach, that will help you achieve your own personal running goals.


Firstly there will be a running consultation carried out over Zoom to determine what you would like to achieve from the plan, as well as helping myself to understand your own daily/weekly schedule. 


Following the consultation, I will create a bespoke 4 week plan to work towards your running goal. This will include a weekly coaching email to provide feedback on the weeks training.  At the end of the 4 weeks there will be a coaching analysis email to give feedback on the 4 week training plan and any future coaching.


Included within this plan -

Running consultation via Skype/Zoom

Athlete and coaching goals set

4 week bespoke running plan

Weekly coaching feedback via email

4 weekly coaching analysis email


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